On the question of whether the objectives have been achieved, we certainly confirm that:

  1. An in-depth insight has highlighted how I can better fulfil my role.
  2. I developed skills to use the necessary soft skills
  3. I can translate the needs into a request for feedback and discuss it with a sparring partner 
  4. I take a complementary position within my team in order to give substance to the innovative assignment of his position. 
  5. The effect of this circuit on his working environment appears to work. The overall cooperation is going better and there is progress regarding the achievements.
  6. One recommendation, however, remains that follow-up is still appropriate for the sustainable implementation and acquisition of the change in mindset.
  7. Another recommendation is that the direct employee / manager also gains insights into his or her work styles and preferences, not indicated to gain a better understanding of his own functioning, but because his own strengths are usually the allergies for the employee. This is also endorsed by Daniel Ofman and his “The Core Quadrants’”. This method has many applications, but one of the most striking is his capacity to expose the dynamics between irritation and own core qualities. Also discovering the quality that lies behind an annoying behaviour in someone else can be particularly enlightening. 
  8. Hence an MBTI team analysis can lead to even better team results; During this coaching process, the coach saw the power of the complementarity of the team, which can be achieved if the right coordination is achieved. This recommendation is non-binding but could have a major impact on organisational culture, leadership and team performance. 

The belief that the R&D team has all the ingredients to be a winning team.

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